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Biography of Kerry Hultquist

     Kerry was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, October 19, 1971. He graduated from Canterbury High School in 1990, Catawba College, 1995, and Creighton University School of Law, 1998. He is the father of twin girls, a soccer player and an active volunteer at Fort Wayne Habitat for Humanity. 
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       Kerry began his legal career by serving as Law Clerk to a variety of judges in the Allen Superior Court - Civil Division, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  In fact, Kerry has served as Law Clerk to a total of five (5) Indiana trial court judges. 

       Following his clerkships, Kerry worked at various firms, ranging from the very small to the fairly large, with offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as in and around the Chicago area. Kerry has always focused his practice on civil litigation and has significant and successful experience litigating cases in the state and federal courts in Indiana, as well as in several local, state, and federal governmental agencies across the country. That experience has provided him with a rich background regarding all facets of the practice of law, in general, and of civil litigation, specifically.  As such, Kerry was able to develop and hone a comprehensive skill set consisting of attributes and instincts required of those lawyers who litigate real cases on a full time, daily basis.  Perhaps more importantly, Kerry acquired the ability to discern what works for clients and what does not work for clients with respect to the business side of the practice of law. By focusing on fairness, client trust and satisfaction over and above law firm profit, The Hultquist Law Firm has become a trusted member of the local community by attaining the successful results sought by our clients while remaining affordable.  The result of our commitment to these principles has established new ways of doing things on both the "legal" side and the "business" side of the practice of law.

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       Kerry has been admitted to practice law before the following courts:

      -State of Indiana (all courts), since 1998;     
      -United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, since 1998;
      -United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit (2014);      
      -State of Illinois, pro hac vice, 2009, 2014, 2015;      
      -State of Missouri, pro hac vice, 2012; 
      -State of Tennessee, pro hac vice, 2013; 
      -State of California, pro hac vice 2014; 
      -State of New York, pro hac vice 2014-15and      
      -U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois -   Eastern Division (Chicago), pro hac vice, 2013-14.